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Artist, architect, sculptor and furniture maker, Po Shun Leong is also known, since the late 1980s, for his highly intricate and flamboyant one-of-a-kind wood art boxes that have been enthusiastically collected and are in museums all over the world for their sense of shape, surprise and presentation . The “Landscape” box, a constantly evolving series since 1983, is architectural in character and built up of many different woods in their natural colors.  Still today, the unique look and playfulness of his artwork has helped keep that style relevant and inspirational. He maintains a studio in a beautifully maintained garden of his residence in the City of Winnetka, in the San Fernando Valley, northwest of Los Angeles.


Like many master woodworkers, Po Shun creates his masterpieces in a well lit studio about the size of a two car garage, augmented by a concrete apron under an overhanging roof, where the tablesaw, router table and stationary sander are kept.
Indoors, flanking the drawing board, two tables hold work in progress, augmented as needed by two wheeled carts. One end of the studio serves as the lumberyard, where surfaced boards stand in neat rows awaiting selection. At the other end of the studio, is a maze of shelves and drawers, each holding dozens of Po Shun’s distinctive architectural and geometric shapes.
We drank tea with Po Shun, his wife and a big yellow Labrador retriever and enjoyed every soft sunny minute listening to him talk about his work in his smooth musical British accent.



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