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Marc Katano is an American artist born in Tokyo, Japan and even if viewers were unaware of his heritage they instantly see the calligraphy of the East in his signature elliptical strokes. He likes to paint continuously and his marks were originally the result of the “c” movement of his wrist directing his hand and brush. Over the last decade and a half his work has steadily progressed along a path of “less is more”. In his new works, the mark making and color washes describe a void, using tender and subtle washes of color and with the merest suggestion of the original elliptical form, he has opened up a vast and lyrical space for color and mood to express itself.


Marc utilizes the ellipse, resembling a collapsed pair of parentheses with no corners to interrupt the natural hand movement. He allows the painted ellipses to dry partially and then washes away the wet paint in a slow-dripping process that leaves only a series of outlines. The resulting matrix of thin lines, drawn in this meticulous fashion, gives the impression of movement and speed.
We met with Marc and his biggest fan, his wife Nicole, a professional photographer, in their North Hollywood home, on a rainy Monday morning. He buildt his studio afew steps from their backdoor, making it easy for Nicole to pop her head in through out the day to ohh and awww at the work he produces.



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