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The paintings of Los Angeles based artist, Shane Guffogg, first appear as pure color shimmering across the canvas. But look a little longer and figurative shapes slowly reveal themselves. Look a little closer and intricate details become clear. The shapes and patterns hover somewhere between writing and design. Using the idea of illumination as a literal and metaphorical framework for his work, Shane makes oil paintings radiant with refractive light. They typically feature 70-80 layers of translucent colors that have been mixed with a glazing medium, which causes them to seem incandescent, aglow from within. Shane has long been interested in the way communications are processed and sorted, consciously and subconsciously, the way meanings are assigned by the psyche to events and images, and the way memories are created and deployed. It is no surprise that he starts the patterns in the top left corner and moves across as if he were writing a letter.


Shane lives and works behind a pink flatiron fence, in a converted storefront, of a 1920’s Victorian version of a stip mall. The U-shaped building, rings a courtyard dominated by 2 huge, feathery pepper trees. Each small storefront join together by off-setting doorways facing the courtyard and creates what was once the center of a lively market area in a very old Hollywood community. It makes sense that he would find himself at the center of a community artist’s collective, as well. Popular downtown art hub Pharmaka came to life when Shane ran into 2 other artists, John Scane and Vonn Sumner, at a Christmas party in 2003. Now Pharmaka—with its program of exhibitions, panel discussions, pod-casts and the like—is at the heart of the neighborhood.



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