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When I say Huberto Maestas, everyone smiles. He is an internationally recognized artist-sculptor who is like a Greek Santa Clause. He and his wife, Dana, live and work in the small town of San Luis (about 60 miles north of Taos) where his notable work, the almost life sized Stations of the Cross, look down on his house (an old hotel, complete with room numbers on each door). His gallery, bronze foundry and huge studio (the old transportation warehouse at the edge of town) are within walking distance to one another.

I photographed both Huberto’s foundry and his studio. This image is the one that shows the huge space he has to work in and the many sculptures he has in different stages of development. He is a family man and you can see his grandchild’s small truck at the far right. Huberto works are in the Vatican collection, and the statue of Padre Martinez in Taos plaza.


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