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We crossed the railroad tracks, that run through the alley, behind a Quonset Hut styled warehouse, where many years ago beer was shipped and stored. Since 1983, Laddie John Dill has worked in this building creating permanent forms for his interest in topography, light and texture. The characteristics of glass and cement, the interplay of smooth and grainy surfaces, and the effect of color on these materials gives this work strength and power. Many of the pieces are huge and look completely at home in this ginormous space.


Laddie developed a process of “painting” with cement, incorporating smooth sheets of glass that contrast to the varied textures of the cement. The alkaline properties of cement provide the basis for color. Colors are applied and kept wet by spraying; the longer a color remains wet, the whiter it oxidizes. Alkalies and limes in the Portland cement eventually dry and remain on the surface, when the color is right, he seals the surface to prevent further oxidation.



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