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I met Ann through her husband, artist and painter Ed Sandovol. I can’t imagine two more different people, in work style and in personality. Ann is a pastel painter and works from the house that Ed built from adobe and wood. He also built the family chapel that Ann gets her inspiration from and can view from her studio window (you can see it at the far left) in this image. Their house is secluded in the landscape and much like in the meandering roads of her painting, the adobe chapel sits at the crest of a small hill.

Her studio sits just three stairs down from the bedroom (you can see at the right). These multi levels are very typical in Taos homes and casitas. She works among the exposed brickwalled solitude and peacefulness that dwells in her artwork. Ann is a soft-spoken woman who’s quiet pastel studies always create a space that contains a story and a wandering path that leads us on into our lives in the distance.

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