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In an alley South of Market, among the weird street interchanges of Gough, Mission, South Van Ness, and Otis…John Gruenwald runs a stone lithography, intaglio, and letterpress studio for art printing…and walking up the stairway to the second-floor loft feels very New York and insiderish. John works in oils and solar etching too. We had allot in common with John- he spent time in Milwaukee, Taos and Phoenix.


The front of this space was a gallery, lit by a huge wall of windows thatĀ opened to the street below and a metal fire escape. The sights and sounds of the city and traffic wafted up into the space that was once a Ben Davis Jeans sweatshop. I fell in love with the whole ambiance of the place. The very high ceiling, the creaking wood floor, the dust dancing in the sunlight streaming down through the old wavy glass. Just look at the huge round columns….. who could fall in love with this?


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