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I knew that Inger Jirby’s Casitas and gallery were located on Ledoux Street. I knew that the 200-year-old adobe compound was colorfully bathed in the bright palette that characterized her paintings. I really only knew Inger as the painter with the Swedish accent speaking to me from under her Lapplandic fur hat. I’d ask if I could photograph her while we were both shopping at the grocery store, she told me to photograph her at her home studio, in Pilar. I thought that the perfect photograph would be the Ledoux Street address, with it’s quaint and beautiful, high red adobe walls encircling her colorful sculpture garden.

What I did not know was that her home studio was a beautifully rehabbed place with big windows and an outdoor deck that looked out onto the Rio Grande. The home was once a family store along the Turquoise Trail. Inger had transformed it into a scene from one of her vibrant gold framed paintings. If you look through the windows, you will see the river and it’s banks. Inger was right, this was the perfect place to photograph her. It took more than 50 images to capture all the exposures I needed to see the outdoors and into the interior rooms.



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