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Suzan Woodruff reads about physics, space and metaphysics and use that in her work, which includes gravity, evaporation, pigment and water. Suzan is at the forefront of the FLOW art movement. While she works, she mediates – to control the chaos and highlights the importance of knowing when to stop and move on. As the saying goes “There are no mistakes, it’s only Buddha dust.” Suzan was tremendously influenced by the spirituality of her grandmother, who raised with philosophy of Self Realization, and the distinctly Bohemian lifestyle of her mother.


Suzan lives and works in Mar Vista, with her husband, author Bruce Bauman. Her detached studio was built to her specs, as was her custom easel-table. Being a native of Phoenix, Suzan loves the sunlite and added the high windows so she could feel mother nature. Her studio space is calm and light and at the same time entirely messy. She never had sunlight and space like this living in Manhattan.



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