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Billy Al Bengston is one of the Los Angeles ”car culture” stars of the 1960’s and 70’s, was among the first to leave traditional oil paint on canvas for sprayed layers of automobile lacquer on aluminum in soft colors, achieving a highly reflective, translucent surface. He was once a semi-professional motorcycle racer and early on, painted custom bikes. After seeing the work of Jasper Johns at the 1958 Venice Biennale he adopted the motif of a set of sergeant’s stripes. This recurring chevron image was painted with industrial materials and techniques associated with the decoration of motorcycle tanks and surfboards.
In 1962, Billy rented the Venice News building to use as a studio. He is still there today and that is were me met him and his small white puffball of a dog, Louise. He had just returned from from 3 years in Victoria Canada. Billy is retired and doing what he wants to do…. like body surfing every morning…. we caught him about 1/2 hour after his am swim, he looked fit and very happy.



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