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The old mayonnaise factory, in Oakland, has been Bella Feldman’s studio since 1975, where today, she makes extraordinary objects-objects that rivet your attention by their physical appearance; the weight, mass, volume, material, posture, balance, and motion. Bella creates what she calls “anxious objects” — ranging from large-scale, imposing pieces to smaller more intimate pieces. We visited Bella in her studio to see her mechanical glass and metal sculptures, which were breathtaking.


Bella came to California in 1951 and became one of the first women professors at California College of the Arts. She has been working in steel and glass since 1995. The morning we visited her and artist JP Long, her assistant, she was experimenting with digital image grind marks in metal that she was adding pastel to enhancement. Bella spends a great deal of time in London which may explain the European flair and sophistication of her work



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