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For the better part of the past eight years, I’ve devoted a good chunk of my time photographing artists. My first series was photographing other photographers.

Out of the shadows – Portraits of Photographers

The concept of my photographer project was to make formal portraits of the people who create memorable images. Photographers operate in the shadows, behind the lights and lens. They illuminate and document our world but, unless you are really into photography, they remain faceless, much like a voice from the radio. We build a mental likeness in our minds eye. Often, that image is radically different than reality.

Much like the radio commentators, photographers have a point of view. Whether listening to a commentator or looking at the image a photographer takes, we see the world with a bit of their slant. It is their voice filtering our world. Because we are a visual society, seeing what the person behind the camera looks like adds to our picture of who they are. Of course, you only get to see who they are from my filtered point of view.

The studio tour photographs take the concepts from my “Out of the Shadows” series and adds a larger element to our understanding of the artist. We get to see the complete working studio in a 360 panoramic. From a photography standpoint, it removes much of my slant from the photographs letting you decided what is important.

Normally, I use my view to guide you towards what I feel is important in a scene. The panoramic photographs give me only one way to direct your attention, where I place the camera. Sometimes, even that decision is based solely on where there is enough space to allow me to work. Without complete composition control, I felt I needed to try and photograph the atmosphere of the studio. Is it dusty, bright and airy? Perhaps there is an air of thought and importance. In each photograph, I have set my goal to capture the “feeling” of the studio.

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