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There is something ethereal about Claudia Kleefeld. She is an internationally known contemporary, figurative oil painter who’s work focus on issues of self, sexuality and identity. She always seams to be searching for something.

I photographed her in the studio next to her house. I liked the look of the old New Mexican alter piece (just left of center), the kiva fireplace and the wood beams over head. Look at Claudia, she always seems to be bathed in some kind of heavenly light -it follows her everywhere. I see that same light in her paintings.



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Jonathan’s work focuses on relationships. Each morning, he and his wife, sit under a red umbrella, sipping coffee. Together with friends, they discuss politics, art, books and the weather. Jonathan believes that “Nothing stands alone in this universe, all actions touch something else, and there is nothing inconsequential or petty about life.” He is a painter, sculptor and philosopher.

It took Jonathan a few weeks to warm up to the idea of being photographed. He is a private man and enjoys creating in the solitude of his home. He has a fragrant view from his workshop, the smell of the chamisa and sage mixed pleasantly with the aroma of his pipe tobacco. Jonathan’s work is composed of figures and forms of sculpted areas of color interact and overlay each other, effecting each other and transmuting their interactions into yet another relationship.
The beguilingly simple forms and compositions become richer and more meaningful as the eye moves fluidly through the canvas. Ones physical tensions become lessened by the calmness emanating from the surfaces. His paintings seem to live in parallel universes simultaneously, the forms at first seem normal and familiar, but shift with time into a dimension which although familiar is undeniably different from our routine sense of reality.


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