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Rich Nichols is a nationally recognized impressionism painter. It’s also quite evident that Rich Nichols is a family man, by the 100s of snapshots of his three children taped to the door jamb in his studio, where he also keeps a copy of his favorite quote: “Art is the representation of that which the mind can imagine – but only the heart knows to be true.”

Long time gallery owner and showman, Rich paints in the back of his gallery that sits, a short walk from the main plaza, on the main Paseo that runs through Taos. The blue room, left of center, shows western themed art. The red room at the far right shows contemporary art and the gold room deep into the red room, was showing art with an oriental theme.



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Bella and her husband and art historian, Jim (pictures here) run the Bent Street Gallery, located about 4 doors west of our building. She believes in the celestial and the extraterrestrial. After one look at her fused diachronic glass jewelry and hand-woven chenille clothing I thought they may indeed be from another planet. Using intense heavenly color and unmistakable astronomical themes, Bella’s artwork is indeed divine.

Jim had been ill, so Bella set up her studio in their living room. Glass, beads and spools of thread were clearly marked, categorized and organized . A versatile artist, Bella works in many different media and needs access to it all. Poor Jim looks exhausted as he watches Bella’s non-stop hands work on a piece of jewelry.

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Karen Fielding and her artistic colleague, Pamala S. Dean are co-owners of Dragonfly Journeys, a Taos Art Retreat and and the developers of Healthy Forest – Happy Potters, Inc, where they built and maintain a community kiln using downed wood from the national forest.

Their house and studio is located in Ranchos de Taos. They rehabbed the adobe and build the kiln themselves. Pamala grief counsels women with art therapy techniques. She and Karen are both potters and find the time to continue with there own art and help others reach their creative goals. The old dog in the center of this image is not dead… she is worn out watching these two women work so hard.

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Kristian, as he is known around town, is an actor and the new owner and operator of Letherwerks, located in The John Dunn Shopping area, across the cobble-stoned walkway from our local coffee cart. He is attractive, young and was once the apprentice of the previous owner, who sold handmade leather goods in Taos for 35 years.

The distinct scent of saddle soap, shoe polish and leather, spills into the common area (you can see a tree through the doorway just off center) as it mingles with the aroma from the nearby cafe and coffee shop. I stepped into Kristian’ studio/storefront and immediately felt macho – old west like…. cowboy boots, hats, belts and chaps. He was cutting a template for my newest idea …. a hand-made leather covered artist’s book. Now days, I cut and assemble my books with the help of Kathie, using Kristian’s template.

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Terrie Bennett has worked as a professional sculptor for more than twenty years. She is the daughter of Tom and niece of Bob Bennett, twin brothers of Bennett Sculpture fame. Her mother, Margaret, operates her gallery in downtown Taos.

Terrie is a shy woman and spends much of the day sculpting in her small home studio. The day I photographed her, she was in the gallery that bears her name….. after hours, quietly working on her large “Pray for Peace” form. She plans to donate, as a 911 memorial, to the city of New York.

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William Davis

Bill’s fused glass, multi-hued dragonflies, for which he is known, glow with an iridescence that looks magical. His exquisite plates and crosses are a wonderment of kaleidoscopic colorful flowers, cactus and musical notes, made from gold leaf, colored-glass powders, granules and thread. The fused glass process is detailed and time consuming. But the final results are fantastic.

When I photographed Bill Davis, he had just moved from California and was in the process of building a studio. You can see construction taking place out his window to the left. He was working in his attached garage and was surrounded by unpacked boxes of art supplies.

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